NIO51 Industrial Wi-Fi Mesh MODBUS/Serial/Ethernet Adapter, Router and Gateway

Deploy and manage industrial Wi-Fi Mesh connected field instruments and infrastructure

  • Cost-effective industrial Wi-Fi/Mesh connectivity for Modbus RTU/TCP and serial/Ethernet devices
  • Multiple Wi-Fi operation Mesh/Router/Client modes meet various deployment models
  • Path-redundant, adaptive and self-healing Wi-Fi Mesh network connectivity
  • MODBUS RTU/TCP to Wi-Fi adapter
  • Supports serial RS232/422/485/Ethernet to Wi-Fi and Ethernet bridging
  • Wi-Fi Mesh/802.11 a/b/g/n and 2.4/5 GHz selectable with 2×2 MIMO
  • Extended -40 to +70 °C operating temperature range
  • Easy web-based configuration and security management through nCare



The NIO51 is a rugged, cost-effective industrial Wi-Fi Mesh adapter/router that supports bridging and routing data between various wired and wireless communication interfaces.
MODBUS connectivity supports bridging between:

  • MODBUS/RTU to MODBU/TCP – wired
  • MODBUS/TCP Ethernet to Wi-Fi

When operating in transparent mode it supports connectivity and bridging between:

  • Serial RS232/422/485 to Wi-Fi
  • Serial RS232/422/485 to Ethernet
  • Ethernet to Wi-Fi
  • Serial connectivity with baud rates up to 921.6 kbps
  • Serial buffering with 20 MB of on-board storage

Wi-Fi can operate in Mesh and Client router modes allowing for various deployment models. It supports Wi-Fi Mesh and 802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity and hosts 2x2 MIMO antenna technology for increased throughput and robustness to interference.

It is rated for operation in the -40 to +70 ° extended temperature range and can be powered by a wide range of powers supplies from 12 – 48 VDC.

State-of-the-art secure data transmissions are ensured through advanced encryption and authentication schemes. Web-based security management and configuration is intuitive, user-friendly and versatile, especially when combined with the nCare I4.0 network manager.

All software and firmware components are remotely upgradeable.

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