IWF800 nCare I4.0 Asset Manager

Manage Industrial IoT Field/Infrastructure Devices and Networks

  • Comprehensive device and network management solution for NIO200, NIO51, IWF product families and third-party devices
  • Full process transparency by bridging the Information Technology and Operational Technology domains
  • Asset auto-discovery and configuration via LLDP, CAPWAP, SNMP and MODBUS protocols
  • Supports remote provisioning, configuration, firmware upgrades and reboots
  • MODBUS field device asset management via MODBUS TCP
  • Intuitive and user-friendly user interface shows network topology and device health status
  • High scalability – manage from 1,000 devices (standard version) up to 6,000 devices
  • Configure alerts and notifications based on pre-defined thresholds
  • User administration through three privilege levels
  • Covered by 2-year warranty


Asset management has become imperative as the number of deployed industrial IoT devices continues to increase exponentially. The IWF800 nCare Manager allows users to achieve full process transparency by bridging the Information Technology and Operational Technology (shop floor) domains for a comprehensive end-to-end digital transformation.

The IWF800 nCare manager supports auto-discovery and configuration through LLDP, CAPWAP, SNMP and MODBUS protocols. It hosts a rich, user-friendly interface that allows user to:

  • Remotely provision, configure, restart and remotely upgrade NIO200x, NIO5x and IWFx devices as well as third part devices
  • Visualize network topologies, health and diagnostics information
  • Monitor dynamic link mesh topologies in real-time
  • Load and customize Google and Baidu maps for geographically accurate network representation
  • Configure event notifications based on thresholds and notification methods (email, SMS, etc)
  • Manage administrative privileges

MODBUS compliant devices can be managed and monitored via MODBUS TCP.

The IWF800 nCare is offered as an appliance in order to guarantee certain levels of performance such as high-scalability of up to 6000 devices, response times and logging capabilities. nCare is also offered as customer or cloud-hosted software upon request.


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