UNISON ISA100 Wireless Field Access Point

ISA100 Wireless and Wi-Fi Mesh Infrastructure

  • ISA100 Wireless compliant Backbone Router
  • Includes both ISA100 Wireless and Wi-Fi MESH+ high throughput backbone connectivity
  • Supports Over-the-Air provisioning with advanced security mechanisms
  • Extended ISA100 Wireless connectivity range to field instruments – up to 1.2 miles (2,000 meters) LOS
  • Suitable for deployments in hazardous locations
  • Supports data traffic with strict latency requirements
  • Power redundancy (DC and PoE)


The UNISON Field Wireless Access Point is an ISA100 Wireless (IEC62734) compliant Backbone Router. It allows end users to cover large areas with ISA100 Wireless and Wi-Fi MESH+ connectivity when deployed jointly with the UNISON Field Wireless Gateway. The UNISON Field Wireless Access Point establishes full mesh field network topologies to ensure robust and reliable communication for mission-critical industrial wireless applications. The integration of both Wi-Fi MESH+ and ISA100 Wireless technologies results in fully redundant, mesh topologies for both the field network and the backbone infrastructure. It is a rugged Field Wireless Access Point certified for deployment in hazardous environments and is the perfect solution for critical data monitoring and control in process automation. All software and firmware components are remotely upgradeable through a secure, AES-256 encrypted and authenticated process.

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