UNISON ISA100 Wireless Field Network Manager

Deploy and Manage ISA100 Wireless Field Mesh Networks

  • ISA100 Wireless compliant System/Security Manager, Gateway and Backbone Router 
  • Remote antenna options for deployments in hazardous as well as non-hazardous locations 
  • Compact form factor, suitable for installation in control rooms or cabinets 
  • Hosts intuitive UNISON application modeled after field device lifecycle 
  • ISA100 Wireless monitoring and advanced control features 
  • Extended ISA100 Wireless connectivity range to field instruments – up to 0.75 miles (1,200 meters) LOS 
  • Supports highly scalable deployments of up to 200 field instruments per Gateway 
  • Wide range of process value burst rates down to 500 ms  
  • Supports Over-the-Air provisioning with advanced security mechanisms 
  • Supports secure Over-the-Air upgrades for field instruments 
  • Native support for DD/CF files exposes the field instrument’s capabilities 
  • Includes network profiles for optimized field instrument operation and network deployment 
  • Mesh networking and connectivity rules for mission critical and safety applications 
  • Multiple plant connectivity interfaces – MODBUS, OPC-UA and GCI/GSAP 
  • Remote software upgrades – secured by AES-256 encryption and authentication 


Centero’s UNISON Wireless Field Network Manager (WFNM) is an ISA100 Wireless (IEC62734) compliant GatewayIt provides wireless connectivity, network and security management to ISA100 Wireless mesh field instrument networks. It is suitable for installation in control rooms or cabinets, but also includes multiple remote antenna options for field wireless connectivity in both non-hazardous and hazardous areas. The ISA100 Wireless (IEC 62734) industrial IoT standard provides a robust wireless protocol for the full range of process measurement, control, safety and asset management applications. Deploy highly scalable networks that cover large geographic areas due to the market leading wireless range of Centero’s WISA2 embedded wireless transceiver. Monitor, configure and manage field instruments via an intuitive web-based application and access both process values and diagnostics through MODBUS/TCP, OPC UA and GSAP/GCI plant network interfaces. All software and firmware components are remotely upgradeable through a secure, AES-256 encrypted and authenticated process. 

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