WiHART WirelessHART Wireless Module

Empower your product with WirelessHART mesh connectivity and security

  • Runs a WirelessHART compliant communication stack
  • Reference implementation includes all components needed to develop a WirelessHART certified instrument
  • Offered also as dual-boot WirelessHART/ISA100 wireless module
  • Extensively tested for interoperability with the Emerson 1420, Pepper+Fuchs WHAx and Centero NIO200HAG Gateways
  • WiHART communication stack and reference implementation compliant to HART 7.6
  • Swift integration within products with minimal learning curve for complex IoT technologies
  • Market leading sensitivity of -108 dBm and link budget of 122 dB
  • Designed for integration in intrinsically safe instruments
  • Based on NXP’s Kinetis® KW21 Cortex wireless MCU
  • Onboard RF Front-end Module with adjustable output power of up to +10 dBm and selectable RX gain modes
  • Suitable for real estate constrained products


The WiHART WirelessHART compliant wireless module is designed for swift hardware and firmware integration in process automation field instruments or adapters. The WirelessHART standard (IEC62591) was architected for field instruments and infrastructure devices engaged in process automation and control.

The communication stack and reference field instrument implementation are compliant to the latest HART 7.6 specification. The WiHART certifiable field instrument implementation includes all the components needed to develop and certify a WirelessHART (Fieldcomm) instrument, including all mandatory Universal, Common Practice and Wireless commands, a HART modem and FSK maintenance port. It also includes sensor and peripheral driver as well as a power optimization engine.

The WiHART wireless module is also offered in WirelessHART/ISA100 dual-boot mode.

High data communication reliability is ensured through frequency hopping, time diversity and path redundancy (mesh) which are an integral part of the standard. It is highly secure being based on a two-layered security construct that includes AES-128 encryption as well as advanced authentication schemes.

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