YarN Thread Development Kit

Everything you need to develop a Thread connected product

  • Comprehensive end-to-end development platform
  • Includes integrated and pre-configured Thread 1.1 Connected Home hardware, firmware and software
  • Upgradeable to Thread Commercial for highly scalable commercial and industrial IoT networks
  • WHeeL Border Router hosts various wireless communication protocols
  • Feature-rich Network Operation and Management System
  • Certified wireless modules and Thread communication stacks
  • SPiN development boards host a wide variety of sensors
  • Reference designs for end-to-end connected Thread and LWM2M/IPSO compliant devices


The YarN end-to-end Development platform includes everything needed to swiftly develop a Thread connected product or system. The SPiN development board allows users to evaluate and communicate with the WEE module that runs a Thread compliant communication stack. It also includes a color OLED display and a wide variety of sensors that offer a unique out-of-the-box user experience. Users can easily connect and integrate sensors, actuators or external processors in order to develop a Thread compliant product.

The WHeeL Network Operation and Management System boasts a rich, intuitive interface. It allows users to monitor, manage and configure Thread compliant devices and networks.

The YarN development kit includes the following hardware and software components:

  • SPiN development board (2)
  • WEE X-Mikrobus boards (2)
  • WEE Evaluation boards (2)
  • WHeeL Border Router
  • WHeeL web-based network monitoring, control and management software
  • Centero Engineering application

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