WEE Thread Module

Connect your product with Thread compliant wireless mesh connectivity and security

  • Runs Thread compliant communication stack
  • Swift integration within product with minimal learning curve for complex IoT technologies
  • Based on NXP’s Kinetis® KW21 Cortex wireless MCU
  • Onboard RF Front-end Module with adjustable output power of up to +14 dBm and selectable RX gain modes
  • Market leading sensitivity of -108 dBm and link budget of 122 dB
  • Adjustable output power up to +14 dBm
  • Suitable for real estate constrained products
  • Includes native 6LoWPAN/IPv6 connectivity and addressing and COAP modeled web resources
  • Minimal power consumption adaptive to desired wireless communication range
  • OMA LWM2M based application layer device connectivity
  • Map application data into wide array of IPSO Smart Object compliant objects


The WEE OEM wireless module is a key component of Centero’s FabriK Thread compliant communication platform for the emerging Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Medical Internet of Things. It is designed for swift hardware and firmware integration within products without the need of an in-depth understanding of novel and complex IoT technologies. It is configurable and accessible via a feature rich API. Various low-power operation modes ensure extended product battery life.

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