Live Webinar – Speed Up ISA100 Wireless Product Development with the WCI Rapid Development Kit (June 16th, 11 AM New York Time)

The WCI Rapid Development Kit (RDK) includes everything needed to develop ISA100 Wireless certified field instruments with minimal development effort. It is a comprehensive, user friendly, end-to-end development platform that includes pre-configured and fully integrated hardware, firmware and software components. It also includes training materials and step-by-step instructions to develop an ISA100 Wireless connected field instrument. The ISA100 Wireless industrial IoT standard (ISA100.11a and IEC 62734) meets the rigorous requirements for field instruments and infrastructure devices engaged in process automation, including monitoring and control.

Topics Covered:

  • ISA100 Wireless field instrument basics
  • ISA100 Wireless field instrument development and certification process
  • WCI Rapid Development Kit components
  • How to get started

Date/Time: June 16th, 2021 – 11 AM New York Time


Robert Assimiti
Centero, Co-Founder and CEO

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