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This webinar will provide a step-by-step methodology for deploying WirelessHART networks. The methodology includes all deployment phases from network planning through the operational and maintenance phases. We will also provide a set of clear guidelines and practical considerations to be taken into account during network deployment, based on lessons learned from prior field installations. The methodology, guidelines and practical considerations are applicable for small as well as highly scalable deployment and networks. The webinar will also include recommended performance criteria to be used during the acceptance phase.


  • About the Speakers
  • Why Choose WirelessHART?
  • Requirements and Network Planning Phase
  • Network Design Phase
  • Network Deployment and Commissioning Phase
  • Network Maintenance Phase
  • Q&A

Date/Time: May 10th, 2023 – 7 AM US Central Time 


Robert Assimiti
Centero, Co-Founder and CEO

Shane Hale
Global Business Development Director – Pervasive Sensing, Emerson

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About Centero

Centero is a provider of wireless technologies, products and services for Internet of Things connectivity. Our offering includes end-to-end, standards-based communication hardware and software platforms that can be swiftly integrated into novel or existing products or systems.