Centero’s WEE Module Passes Thread Beta Tests

The Centero WEE Module, designed and manufactured to be an integral part of Centero’s Thread compliant IoT communication platform, has passed the Thread Group’s Beta Test Suite proving that it is Thread conformant.
This is a major milestone towards obtaining Thread certification which is the next step.

The test was swiftly completed as the WEE Module passed on the first round without any failures. This is a testament to the quality of the Thread compliant communication stack running on the WEE module.

Thread Beta Testing Overview

The Beta test suite was performed by UL. This test was performed in order to assess compliance to the Thread V1.0 specification. It requires two identical production-like units set up as they would be for an end user. Beyond standard end user functionality the devices are to operate with no special modes, commands or manipulations. UL completes the full testing and reports the results to the Thread Group.

Centero Mission

Centero is a provider of wireless technologies, products and services for the Internet of Things. Centero is a privately owned technology company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.