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We are pleased to make known today that Centero’s UNISON Safe ISA100 Wireless Field Gateway is now commercially available. The UNISON Safe Gateway was developed in partnership with Mimes, AS.

Centero’s UNISON Safe Field Gateway is an ISA100 Wireless (IEC62734) compliant automation infrastructure device designed for safety applications. It includes all features present in the UNISON ISA100 Wireless Field Gateway but also includes support for PROFINET and PROFIsafe tunneling over ISA100 Wireless networks. It also includes additional features that target safety use cases. Safety use cases must meet rigorous requirements and performance criteria that exceed those for traditional wireless process automation use cases. The UNISON Safe Gateway meets strict requirements for functional safety in mission critical applications such as data reporting under strict timing requirements and data availability. The PROFINET high-side interface provides connectivity to safety controllers while the PROFIsafe tunneling mechanism extends to the field instruments.

Product highlights:

  • ISA100 Wireless compliant gateway developed specifically for safety applications 
  • Includes PROFINET stack, interface and protocol translator for connectivity to PROFINET safety controllers  
  • Supports PROFIsafe tunnelling over ISA100 Wireless from the controller to the field instrument 
  • Deploy SIL2 field instruments and systems – safety features compliant to the IEC61508 
  • Easily configure parameters to match the GSDML in the PROFINET controller 
  • Bandwidth allocation tailored to field instruments engaged in safety use cases 
  • Mesh networking and connectivity rules for safety applications 
  • Concurrent support for both PROFIsafe as well as traditional ISA100 Wireless instruments 
  • Inherits all features of Centero’s field proven UNISON ISA100 Wireless Field Gateway  
  • Multiple models for deployments in hazardous as well as non-hazardous locations 

For additional information related to the UNISON Safe ISA100 Wireless Field Gateway please visit: https://centerotech.com/product/unison-safe-isa100-wireless-field-gateway/

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