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Meet INTREPID, Centero’s reimagined WirelessHART compliant, user-friendly approach to Industrial IoT connectivity in wireless process automation.

Benefits of the INTREPID WirelessHART Monitoring and Control Application

  • Intuitive web-based suite of “apps” modeled after the field instrument life cycle
  • Easily monitor and manage WirelessHART field instruments and networks
  • Clear functional segregation between WirelessHART instrument life cycle phases
  • Requires minimum training for plant personnel

Centero’s INTREPID Field Gateway is a WirelessHART (IEC 62591) compliant wireless process automation infrastructure device that manages WirelessHART mesh field instrument networks and also includes industrial Wi-Fi Mesh+ backbone connectivity. It is a rugged Field Gateway, certified for deployment in hazardous areas that meets rigorous wireless process automation requirements for mission critical applications.

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About Centero

Centero is a provider of wireless technologies, products and services for Internet of Things connectivity. Our offering includes end-to-end, standards-based communication hardware and software platforms that can be swiftly integrated into novel or existing products or systems.