We are privileged to announce that Robert Assimiti, Centero’s Co-Founder and CTO has accepted an invitation to be part of a panel discussion entitled “The State of the IoT – The Protocol and Alliance Landscape” during the DESIGNERS of THINGS Conference in San Jose, CA.

This conference is being held on December 2-3 2015 at the Expo Hall in San Jose, CA, to give the designers and developers, like Centero, on the cutting edge of future tech space, to collaborate, learn, exchange ideas and forward the conversation about wearable tech, 3D printing and IoT Get more information about the conference here: http://www.designersofthings.com/.

Mr. Assimiti is one of the five experts chosen to sit on this panel.  He shares this privilege with:

Geoff Mulligan  |  WhiteHouse Presidential Fellow on IoT, IPSO Alliance
Christian Legare  |  CTO, Micrium
Mary Miller  |  Senior Director of Marketing, Sigma Designs
Pierre Roux  |  Director, Wireless MCUs, Atmel Corporation

If you are going to be attending this conference or happen to stop in from the MEDTECHWORLD BioMedevice Conference please come and join the discussion and bring your feedback and questions.

Location:  DoT Theater, Booth 143

  • Date: Wednesday, December 2
  • Time: 2:30pm – 3:15pm
  • Format: 45-Minute Panel
  • Track: DoT Theater
  • Pass Type: Expo Pass

The panel will cover a view of the current players in the IoT Alliance Landscape and the state of the standards and protocols being used across the IoT.

You can find this same information and register to be in attendance here: http://www.designersofthings.com/sanjose/scheduler/session/panel-the-state-of-the-iot-the-protocol-and-alliance-landscape

Mr. Assimiti has also accepted the privilege to be the presenter at the IPSO Challenge People’s Award ceremony.

The IPSO Alliance hosts an award ceremony of the best in IoT, as selected by design engineers. It will take place on the final day of the conference at Center Stage.  You can find more details here: http://www.designersofthings.com/sanjose/scheduler/session/2015-ipso-peoples-choice-awards-ceremony.