Do you plan on developing and offering an ISA100 Wireless instrument?

Access Centero’s Learning Center for a collection of videos and podcasts that outline the process and the benefits of developing an ISA100 Wireless instrument.

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Here is a short video created by RealPars and sponsored by the WCI Wireless Compliance Institute which gives an overview on How to build an ISA100 Wireless Product:

For podcast fans, here is an episode created by the WCI Wireless Compliance Institute presenting the ISA100 Wireless Rapid Development Kit:

ISA100 Wireless Rapid Development Kit

by WCI Wireless Compliance Institute

Why develop an ISA100 Wireless Instrument?

The process automation market has traditionally been conservative and slow to adopt new technologies.

Today, wireless is pervasive and ubiquitous.

The benefits of offering a wireless connected field instrument are simple and attractive:

  • Swift ROI – significantly reduced installation costs compared to wired
  • Touch-free maintenance – remote over-the-air provisioning, instrument configuration and upgrades
  • Install in any rapidly increasing ISA100 networks installed across the world, with guarantied interoperability

By developing and certifying an ISA100 Wireless instrument, you will join a broad ecosystem of ISA100 Wireless products. 

Rely on Centero’s multi-disciplinary engineering team as much as needed to help you conceptualize, architect, design, develop and certify your ISA100 Wireless connected product. Our team of seasoned IoT experts can guide, support and help you during the entire product development process.

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