Plants and factories around the globe are automating their processes utilizing wireless equipment. Starting the last decade, the industrial market was flooded with wireless equipment based on proprietary technologies. Proprietary solutions typically lock end users into equipment that is delivered by a single supplier, resulting in higher costs associated with the equipment.

Newly architected and ratified wireless standards in the process automation and control arena allow end users to cost effectively create or improve the operation of industrial plants. These ratified standards are architected to offer reliable, secure and cost-effective wireless communications. Battery or line powered wireless field devices form multi-hop, mesh networks that monitor and control various parameters that are vital for the efficient and smooth operation of the plant.


Centero offers a comprehensive ISA100 product suite that includes:

  • WCI compliant IPv6 connected field router and field device
  • IPv6 backbone router
  • ISA100.11a compliant system and security manager
  • GCCI compliant gateway


Centero offers a comprehensive WirelessHART product suite that includes:

  • HART Foundation compliant wireless field router
  • Infrastructure access points
  • WirelessHART compliant system and security manager
  • HART compliant gateway