• WirelessHART/IEC62591 compliant
  • Compatible with existing HART and WirelessHART networks
  • Kit includes one router, four radio nodes, a provisioning tool and documentation
  • Includes 10 hours of phone support

The Nivis WirelessHART Development Kit allows users to quickly integrate their products for WirelessHART compatibility. Users can interface each sensor node via serial UART, USB, or SPI, which will allow them to write their own application code through a Nivis simple API, provided to you in the kit. Each of the sensor nodes allows users to build a WirelessHART network ‘out of the box’ and evaluate the performance of the Nivis WirelessHART System.

System parameters can be easily monitored and configured through the Monitoring Control System (MCS), which is hosted on the VersaRouter 910. The MCS provides administrators with control of their sensors with publish messages rates of 10 per second and join times as fast as 20 seconds per device. From a full topological view, to in-depth network health information about sensor devices, the VR910 delivers the information in the MCS console.

The kit includes:

+   1 VersaRouter 910 (VR910)
+   3 VS220 development boards
+   1 VL10 low power loop board
+   1 provisioning tool
+   Documentation: Integration API, MCS User Guide and WirelessHART Development Kit Guide
+   10 Hours of Phone Support from a Nivis Development Expert