• 802.15.4g compliant
  • Hardware cryptographic acceleration engine supports state of the art AES128 bit encryption
  • CoRe/REST compliant web services
  • Leverages proven standards: IPv6, RoLL/RPL, 6LoWPAN, 802.15.4e, 802.15.4g, CoAP,EXI

The VersaRouter 1000 Quark is the world’s first standards-based IoT 802.15.4g compliant router to receive certification in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. VersaRouter 1000 users can have their devices sending commands and receiving data over the internet in a matter of days, using IPv6 and CoAP-based OS services to integrate quickly to existing functionality.

The VR1000 is a low cost entry router that supports up to 500 Smart Objects, with backhaul connectivity via Ethernet. The device can be configured from any browser via its embedded web server and supports user selectable WLAN profiles to accommodate different application needs.

ProcessorARM CORTEX A8, 720MHz
RAM memory512 MB DDR3
Flash memory512 MB NAND
EEPROM4Kbyte serial EEPROM (used for factory settings/ configuration)
Operating systemLinux kernel 3.2 embedded
Ethernet channel1x10/100Base-T Ethernet Channel; RJ45 connector
Input voltage5 VDC
Power consumption~3.5W
Enclosure/dust & waterCustom aluminum, indoor use
Temperature range-40 to +65 ºC
Relative humidityMaximum 95%
Dimensions4.8" x 4.5" x 1.5" (LxWxH) 123mm x 115mm x 39mm (LxWxH) Height 8.2”/208mm with antenna
Radio moduleIEEE802.15.4g radio module
Frequency bandUS: 902-928 MHz; Japan: 922.3-928.1 MHz; EU: 863-870 MHz
Number of channelsUS & Canada: 64/129 depending on data rate; Japan: 28; Europe: 64
Channel spacingAccording to regional specs; US & Canada: 200/400 kHz; Japan: 400-600 kHz; Europe: 100 kHz
Frequency accuracy± 15 PPM (30 MHz reference crystal)
Data rateUS & Canada: 50/150/200 kbps; Japan: 50/100/200 kbps; Europe: 40 kbps
Receiver sensitivity-100 dBm @ 50 kbps; -98 dBm @ 100 kbps; -94 dBm @ 150 kbps; -92 dBm @ 200 kbps
RangeUS & Canada: 1.2 mile line of sight; Japan: 1.6Km line of sight; Europe: 1.1 Km line of sight
Antenna typeUS/Japan: 900MHz 2dBi 1/2 WAVE OMNI; EU: 868MHz ISM, 2dBi, 1/2 WAVE, OMNI
Impedance50 Ω
Gain+2.2 dBi
Maximum VSWR2:1
ConnectorMMCX connector, right angle on cable
EMC USFCC-Part 15 section 247
EMC CanadaIC, must comply with FCC 15.247
ETSI: EUETSI EN 300 328, ETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 310 489-17