• 6LoWPAN compatible
  • Optimized for low power, long battery life, long hop applications
  • Kit includes one router, two radio nodes, a provisioning tool and documentation
  • Sold by Freescale

The Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) development kit, sold by Freescale, enables you to quickly build a 6LoWPAN-compliant smart object network out of the box and integrate it with your own hardware for network performance evaluation in a real environment for Internet of Things or machine-to-machine application solutions. A MAN is characterized by extreme reliability requirements over several miles, while serving thousands of nodes per edge router or data concentrator, with each node capable of meshing at dozens of hop levels deep. MANs are ideal for demanding applications such as “last mile” smart metering communication and street lighting control.

The MAN development kit contains two wireless IP addressable end nodes that are line or battery powered, as well as a wireless edge router which connects to a PC or notebook, forming a solid basis to begin network evaluation and development. The kit can be easily expanded to support up to 20 end nodes. Each end node is built with a Nivis Smart Object radio module containing a Freescale Kinetis K series MCU based on the ARM® Cortex™-M4 core and an MC12311 sub-GHz smart radio transceiver with up to +15 dBm of native transmit power for miles of range without the need for RF power amplification. At the core of the edge router is a QorIQ P1025 power-based MPU running Nivis edge router software.

The MAN development kit is based entirely on IEEE and open Internet communication standards. The application, transport and networking layers of the smart object stack are based on the latest Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards which include CoAP, UDP, IPv6/6LoWPAN, RPL and ICMP. The application layer payloads adhere to EXI/ XML encoding. The radio uses the new IEEE® 802.15.4e time synchronized channel hopping (TSCH) MAC and IEEE 802.15.4g PHY specifications.

Radio Module Schematic:


Kit Contents:

+   1 Metropolitan Area Network 802.15.4g Router w/ P1025 Tower Board and Edge Router Software from Nivis (10 nodes max)
+   2 Line or Battery Powered IP-addressable 802.15.4g Radio Nodes
+   1 USB flash drive with network and application monitoring software
+   1 provisioning tool
+   Documentation: user guide, API documentation, radio module datasheet, quick start guide