• Available as C source code or binary code
  • Demo applications for TI MSP430F5438A (MSP-EXP430F5438) and Energy Micro EFM32 Giant Gecko (EFM32GG-DK3750)
  • Enable easy port/customization for new hardware platforms
  • Modular, flexible, extensible, scalable
  • Seamless integration w/ Nivis VN310 radio
  • Long-term support available
  • WCI certifiable (tested for compliance by Nivis experts)

The Nivis VersaApp SDK is a complete software development kit that speeds development of application layer software to link a Nivis or other standard compliant radio node to a sensor or control device. Use of the VersaApp SDK library can reduce time to deployment from months to weeks.

VersaApp SDK includes:

+ ISA100.11a node API source and binary code library
+ Fully-functional demo application
+ One (1) set of hardware for development use
+ Documentation (quick start guide; reference manual)

The VersaApp SDK supports the ISA100.11a standard at present, but is designed to support the WirelessHART standard in the future.

The VersaApp SDK shortens initial development times dramatically. Further, it allows easy porting and customization for new hardware platforms. The library is modular, flexible, extensible and scalable, enabling seamless integration with the Nivis VN310 radio node or other ISA100.11a standard compliant radios.

The VersaApp SDK has been tested for compliance by Nivis and Centero experts and is WCI certifiable. We provide long term support, including a maintenance agreement for future updates.