• Available as C++ source code or binary code
  • Fully-functional demo application
  • Portable, flexible, easy to integrate within existing applications
  • Long-term support available
  • Engineering services for customizations and porting available
The ISA100 GCI SDK is a software package that includes the implementation of the ISA100 Wireless™ Gateway General Client Interface (GCI) Protocol, as well as a simplified API for integrating with existing applications. The ISA100 GCI SDK is available in both binary and source code format, and is written in ANSI C++ programming language.
The ISA100 GCI SDK speeds development of the ISA100 standard-based application software, and allows legacy protocols and proprietary applications to integrate with ISA100 Wireless, while simplifying the use of those applications throughout the plant’s wireless sensors network infrastructure.
By enabling existing legacy applications and systems with ISA100 Wireless™ capability, ISA100 GCI SDK saves on maintenance and operations cost, eliminates the need to redesign existing software tools, reducing the integration time from months to weeks.
ISA100 GCI SDK includes:
+ ISA100.11a Gateway General Client Interface (GCI) protocol source and binary code library
+ Fully-functional demo application
+ Documentation
The ISA100 GCI SDK implements the latest version of the ISA100.11a Gateway General Client Interface (GCI) protocol specifications, and as the specifications evolve, the library will be updated and aligned with the latest release of the specification.
The ISA100 GCI SDK has been tested for compliance by our experts, and we provide long term support, including a maintenance agreement for future updates.