Industrial Trusted AP and Controller Dual RF, Dual Band, 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Unique dual roles design with controller and AP functions in one box
  • Manage up to 8 APs including IWF2220, IWF3320X and IWF5320
  • Rugged Die-casting housing with -30°C~+80°C wide-temperature
  • Built in 2×2 MIMO Field Replaceable Antenna Compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Completely AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) supporting
  • Virtual service zone management by user group, security profile and etc.
  • Supports various broadband deployment options (T1, DSL, Cable) via static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, and PPTP
  • Integrated Security Features: SSL, IEEE 802.1X, WPA-RADIUS
  • Built-in DoS protection prevents malicious hackers from collapsing the network

IWF 3320C is a powerful WLAN controller and access point combo product which is designed to meet the demand of small scale WLAN deployment. The first role as controller, it provides up to 8 Nexcom management based access points, forming a secured wireless network that guarantees robust user authentication, policy enforcement, AP manageability, and scalable networking applications. With IWF 3320C, small scale WLAN deployment can embrace the benefit of controller without hesitant of high capital expense with large scale controller, which is typically designed for hundreds of AP. Managing multiple AP is no more a time-consuming task. With IWF 3320C’s coordination between APs, user enjoys both layer 2 roaming and also layer 3 across subnet roaming. Together with flexible QoS policing and customization grouping options, IWF 3320C makes mobile device users roaming experience effortless and simple.

Besides WLAN controller function, IWF 3320C also plays the role of access point, with dual RF dual band 802.11a/b/g/n 2×2 radios deliver up to 300Mbps data rate. The dual band radio architecture is good for RF separation and RF planning. Especially for mission-critical applications such as streaming video, 5GHz band provides more clean and stable traffic. To meet the expectation of high reliable communication in diversify application, IWF 3320C provides robust redundant mechanism to ensure the trusted operation. The dual power inputs of both PoE 802.3af & wide voltage +9 to 36VDC ensures power connected all the time. To protect the AP from environmental stress, IWF 3320C is applied with industrial rank conformal coating and and rugged diecasting housing, all these characteristics make IWF 3320C a perfect AP controller for industrial application.

Supports Router, NAT mode
Supports static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, and PPTP Dial-up
Supports IP Plug and Play (IP PnP)
LAN Port Mapping
Built-in DHCP Server and support for DHCP relay
Supports NAT:
(1) IP/Port Destination Redirection
(2) DMZ Server Mapping
(3) Virtual Server Mapping
Configurable static routes
Supports Walled Gardens & Walled Garden Ads
Supports MAC Address Pass-Through
Supports HTTP Proxy
Supports Ethernet connection to external terminal server for ticketing
SIP pass-through under NAT
IPv6 supporting
Supports security standards: SSL, IEEE 802.1X and WPA-RADIUS
Supports VPN Pass-Through (IPSec and PPTP)
Built-in DoS attack protection
Layer 2 (Wireless) & Layer 3 firewall
Supports VPN
Configurable user Black Lists & Privilege Lists
Service Zones
Max. 1+ 8 Service Zones
Each service zone has its own and customizable
(1) login portal page
(2) authentication options
(3) LAN interface IP address
(4) DHCP address ranges
Group & Policy enforcement by Service Zone
WISPr authentication
User Management
Supports 2,000 local accounts and 2,000 on-demand accounts
Simultaneous support for multiple authentication methods (Local and On-demand accounts, POP3, LDAP, RADIUS, NT Domain, and FREE)
Policy-based access control (per-role assignments based on Firewall Policies, Routing, Login Schedule, Bandwidth, Quota, and Session)
User Session Management:
(1) SSL protected login portal page
(2) Supports multiple logins with one single account
(3) Session limiting and idle timer
(4) Session and account expiration control
(5) Supports Single Sign-On for Windows Domain
(6) Login time frame control
Access Point Management
Supports Wide Area AP Management (by CAPWAP)
Manages up to 8 AP including IWF 2220, IWF 3320X and IWF 5320
Guest Accounting
Provides 4 types of billing plans for On-demand accounts
Enables session expiration control for On-demand accounts by time (hour) and data volume (MB)
Support DM & CoA (Change of Authorization/Disconnect Messages) messages from RAIDUS servers
Detailed per-user traffic history for both local and On-demand accounts
Wireless Radio Specifications
Wi-Fi standard: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n in 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band
Modulation: OFDM, DSSS, CCK
Wireless Interface: 2 x 802.11 a/b/g/n
RF output power: up to 300mW per radio
Number of SSIDs: 16
System Administration
Web-based management UI
Customizable login and logout portal page
Support for SNMP v1, v2c
SSH remote management
Remote firmware upgrade
NTP time synchronization
Menu driven console management interface
Utilities to backup and restore the system configuration
Monitoring and Reporting
Online status monitoring of users
IP-based monitoring of devices
Supports external SYSLOG server for diagnosis and troubleshooting
Supports user traffic history logging
Supports user traffic session (TCP/UDP) logging
Http/ Session/ User/ Configuration Change/ Traffic/… Logs
Hardware Specifications
Antenna: 4x omni-directional 2/3dBi (2.4/5GHz) nclosed
Uplink Port: 1× GbE LAN with IEEE 802.3af PoE
LAN Port: 2× GbE LAN
Push buttons: 1x Reset
Console Port: 1x DB9M
LED Indicators: 1x Power, 1x Status, 2x WLAN
Power Source: +9~+36 VDC & PoE
Form factor: DIN rail mount
Dimensions: 58.8 W x 139.6 Dx 167 H (mm) w/o antennas
Weight: 1.73Kg
Operation Temperature: -30°C to +80°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Operation Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-condensing)
Vibration: Random 0.3g
RoHS compliant
Package Contents
NEXCOM IWF 3220C x1 (with DIN rail mount)
CD-ROM (User’s Manual and QIG) x1
Detachable Dual-Band Antenna x4 2/3dBi (2.4/5GHz)
Ethernet Cable x1
Wall mount kit x1