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Centero provides wireless communication capabilities for customers in all industries. Manufacturers need powerful wireless connectivity to enable communication between factory equipment, thus improving the manufacturing process, addressing issues before they occur, improve the personnel’s and the overall plant’s safety. This also allows Over-The-Air OTA firmware updates, increasing productivity while minimizing maintenance and operating costs.

Higher Safety

Increase safety by using wireless systems and sensors in dangerous work environments.

Control in Real-Time

Minimize the down-time through real-time monitoring and control.

Reduce Installation Costs

Avoid unnecessary and costly wiring through the manufacturing facility.

Smart Lighting

Today’s local governments budget show that street and public lighting cost is one of the most significant expenses. Centero enables manufacturers manage and control large lighting networks, from dimming the lights in specific areas within specific hours, to turning on and off to save energy. Smart lights inform through the Network Operation Center (NOC) when something goes wrong. This also enables high cost-saving as the technicians know when and how to intervene to fix the issues, avoiding costly physically inspections on a regular basis.

Higher Safety

Smart lights allow municipalities monitor the status of lamps on public areas such as streets, roads, public transportation stations, and others.

Minimized Operational Costs

Remotely controlling the lights brings energy saving and reduced maintenance cost, by simplifying asset management.

Improved Prediction

Maintenance departments can now schedule technical revisions more efficiently.

Smart Grid

Centero enables utility companies put a smart ingredient to their grids. They need to monitor and manage the flow of energy across meters, sensors, controls and tools efficiently and with reduced costs. For a power company, this translates to grid performance optimization, preventing and restoring outages, enabling their customers manage their energy plans according to their needs and in an efficient manner.

Higher Safety

Enables improved safety on the entire network path.

Minimized Operational Costs

Ensures costly installation and operation of new equipment.

Improved Monitorization & Control

Provides full-control capabilities by means of the Network Operation Center, translated into real-time control and response time.

Building Automation

Building automation requires centralized control of building’s heating, ventilation, lighting and other utility systems. Centero enables streamlined communication between building management personnel and utilities. The objective is to improve occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduce maintenance and operating costs, and improve life cycle of utilities.

Higher Safety

Better control of all building systems, in particular to fire-fighting equipment and evacuation flows, improves safety of the occupants.

Minimized Operational Costs

Full-control of the utilities reduces the operating cost of the building.

Improved Monitorization & Control

Provides full-control capabilities by means of the Network Operation Center (NOC), translated into real-time control and response time.

Home Automation

More and more people require the power of remotely controlling their homes: lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, home appliances, and security. Centero provides an end-to-end platform which starts from the modules and routers that connect the devices to the internet, to the Network Operation Center (NOC) which gives the owner full-control capabilities of the devices.

Higher Safety

Centero provides security at network and application layers based on banking-class, public-key cryptography. Product install codes are used to ensure only authorized devices can join the network.s.

Improved Monitorization & Control

Securely and reliably control hundreds of products around the home, while using minimum energy.


Our mission is to augment and aid the efforts of healthcare professionals and clinicians by proactively and preemptively monitoring patients. This is accomplished by empowering healthcare professionals with an abundance of data that is sent reliably and securely utilizing cutting-edge wireless communication technologies that are an integral part of the emerging Internet of Things.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Low-power wirelessly enabled sensors that communicate with existing infrastructure installed in hospitals, health provider’s facilities and homes.

Improved Monitorization & Control

Monitoring through BANs (Body Area Networks) composed of sensors that communicate with a Health Information Infrastructure through mobile handhelds or Smart phones utilizing existing cellular infrastructure.

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