Our system architects’ experience in providing end-to-end system expertise on complex wireless systems stretches over 15 years. The system architects have expertise across engineering layers with embedded OS, drivers, protocols, hardware, and applications. They are the main technical interface with the customers throughout any project. The offerings in the system engineering include:

  • Requirements engineering and management
  • System architecture design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Compliance and certification

The system architects take complete ownership in understanding customer needs, requirement gathering, analysis and validation. We have a robust requirement management process and expertise in major requirement management tools, to ensure products and systems meet the functional requirements in the most effective manner.  As part the system architecture design, we consider all aspects such as functionalities, use cases, and performance criteria. A feasibility study is performed to select the best system that meets the performance requirements. With proved experience for our system architects in communication and safety standards such as FCC, CE, ETSI, IC, ARIB, GITEKI, UL etc, the customer can be assured that the solution will be architected and designed to meet the compliance and certification requirements.